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Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech (May 2023)

The master’s theses defences of the Cybersecurity MSc programme (IVCM) taught jointly by TalTech and the University of Tartu will take place on 29 May 2023, starting at 9:00AM (EEST) in Zoom.

Time: 09:00 – 09:40
Student: Ayooluwa Samuel Ayoola
Title: Phishing Campaigns and Security Awareness Training in a Sport Betting Company
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Title: 09:40 – 10:20
Student: Ankit Rana
Title: Assessment of Cyber Security Awareness Among Delhi Students
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Tiia Sõmer

Title: 10:20 – 11:00
Student: Luisa Caretta Hopp
Title: Application of the Metagraph to the Aviation Supply Chain: a Case Study
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Benedict Gross
Reviewer: Ahto Buldas

Title: 11:00 – 11:40
Student: Sander Eesmaa
Title: Supply Chain Information Security Management in Estonian Organizations
Supervisor: Kristjan Karmo
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Title: 11:40 – 12:20
Student: Rudolfs Ludis Kelle
Title: Furthering Industrial Control System Intrusion Detection Systems’ Advancement by Analyzing the IEC 60870-5-104 Protocol & its Traffic
Supervisor: Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Title: 13:00 – 13:40
Student: Janika Pirel Jasmin Hirvi
Title: An Analysis of Database Manipulation Techniques in iOS
Supervisor: Matthew James Sorell
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Title: 13:40 – 14:20
Student: Nikita Timokhin
Title: Structural Assessment and Automatic Aggregation of OS X Forensic Artifacts
Supervisor: Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Matthew James Sorell

Title: 14:20 – 15:00
Student: Helena Ingermann
Title: Windows Subsystem for Android – Forensic Analysis
Supervisor: Shaymaa Mamdouh Khalil
Reviewer: Pavel Tšikul

Title: 15:00 – 15:40
Student: Onyeka Kelvin Onyema
Title: Designing an e-Learning Application for Phishing Attack Recognition based on Cialdini’s Persuasion Principles
Supervisor: Kaido Kikkas
Reviewer: Stefan Sütterlin

Title: 15:40 – 16:20
Title: Student: Dmytro Martynov
Handling Concept Drift for Mobile Malware Detection
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi


Cyber Security Engineering bachelor’s theses defense in TalTech (January 2023)

Defence of bachelor theses in Cyber Security Engineering programme takes place on 19 January 2023 at 15:00 in room ICO-316.
Members of the committee: Valdo Praust (head), Kaido Kikkas, Mohammad Tariq Meeran, Aleksei Talisainen

Student: Mihhail Karagjaur
Title: Ransomware Detection with Machine Learning

Student: Dominik Zoltán Kovács
Title: Automated Vulnerability Scanning of the Network Segments of an Internet Service Provider

Student: Benedek Matveev
Title: The NIST SP 800-53 Revision 5 Standard Compliance at an IT Startup: an Applicability Analysis and Implementation

Student: Vladislav Sidorenko
Title: A Method for Bypassing the Valve Anti-Cheat System in Video Games


Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech (May 2022)

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 30th 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Marek Koppelmann
Title: Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Defence Unit Enhancing Vital Service Providers’ Cyber Security (closed)
Supervisor: Rain Ottis
Reviewer: Andrew J. Roberts

Time: 11:00
Student: Frank Korving
Title: DACA:Automated Attack Scenarios and Dataset Generation
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Andrew J. Roberts

Time: 11:40
Student: Jürgen Erm
Title: Hybrid Analysis of Vulnerability Management Practices in Organizations to Outline Success Factors
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Time: 13:00
Student: Kristjan Kaunis
Title: Hypervisoor Agnostic Scenario Definition Language for Cyber Ranges
Supervisor: Dr Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Olaf Maennel

Time: 13:40
Student: Rait Leinus
Title: Cryptocurrency as a Replacement for Traditional Online Payment Methods
Supervisor: Dr Alexander Norta
Reviewer: Raimundas Matulevicius

Time: 14:20
Student: Tomoya Tanaka
Title: Development of IDS/IPS Specifically Designed for ETSI ITS-G5-Based V2X Communication
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 15:00
Student: Michailas Ornovskis
Title: Secure Software Development Lifecycle Reference Meta-Architecture
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Tiia Sõmer

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 31th 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Mario Širic
Title: Feasible Route Mapping
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 10:40
Student: Marje Salumets
Title: Threat Modeling of the Supplain.io Blockchain Protocol: Preserving Data Trust, Privacy and Security in Physical Supply Chains
Supervisor: Dr Kaido Kikkas
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 11:20
Student: Holger Rünkaru
Title: Method for Defending Against Living Off the Land Attacks with Built-In Features of Windows
Supervisor: Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Alejandro G. Manzanares

Time: 12:40
Student: Dominika Helena Jantas
Title: Strategic Considerations to Counter the Cyber Threat of Malicious Deepfakes in Greek Society
Supervisor: Adrian Venables
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Time: 13:20
Student: Triin Viitmaa
Title: Forensic Analysis for Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11
Supervisor: Shaymaa Khalil
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 14:00
Student: Orkhan Gasimov
Title: Compare and Contrast Analysis of Log Parsin Algorythms: Perspective of Efficiency and Pattern Detection Rate
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 14:40
Student: Pasquale Polverino
Title: NetFlow Anomalies Detector Using Prophet Forecasting Model
Supervisor: Kieren Nicolas Lovell
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on June 2nd 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Marieke Jahn
Title: Forensic data Acquisition Software Development Framework for Integrated Smart Home Ecosystems
Supervisor: Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 10:40
Student: Fahad Alamgir
Title: A Risk Based Decision Approach for Handling Digital Device at a Crime Scene
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Pavel Tšikul

Time: 11:20
Student: Roman Šumaylov
Title: Evaluation of Resource-Constrained Transfer Learning Approaches for IoT BotNet Detection
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Sven Nõmm

Time: 12:40
Student: Georgios Kontis
Title: Technical and Organizational Challenges on Enhancing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Kave Salamantian

Time: 13:20
Student: Seyed Mohammad Hadi Mirsadeghi
Title: Deep Learning-Based Detection of DDoS Attacks in Software-Defined Networks
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Sadok Ben Yahia

Time: 14:00
Student: Roberta Murniece
Title: Can We Trust the Google Maps Timeline?
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Shaymaa Khalil

Time: 14:40
Student: Olga Šenberg
Title: The Role of Individual and Organizational Factors on the Employees’ Information Security Awareness and Vulnerability Management Efficiency
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Stefan Sütterlin

Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech/UT (August 2021)

Defence of master theses of Cyber Security curriculum on August 10th 2021 online

Time: 09:00
Student: Ilker Furkan Kahyalar
Title: A Comparative Study of Virtualization Solutions for Cybersecurity Labs
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 09:40
Student: Martin Välbe
Title: Benchmarking of Android Applications’ System Calls Behavior: Implications for Malware Detection
Supervisor: Alejandro Manzanares, Tarmo Oja
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 10:20
Student: Mohamed Nasef Ibrahim Mohamed
Title: Towards a new method for teaching malware analysis for Cyber Security students
Supervisor: Toomas Lepik
Reviewer: Pavel Tšikul

Time: 11:30
Student: Thilina Nenathunga
Title: Identity and Access Management, and Audit trails for Continuous Delivery infrastructure on Amazon Web Services platform
Supervisor: Toomas Lepik
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 12:10
Student: Bisrat Woldeyes Ambaye
Title: Adversarial Machine Learning Poisoning Attacks on Mobile Check Deposits
Supervisor: Alejandro Manzanares
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 12:50
Student: Md Forhad Hossain
Title: Adapting Active Learning for Intrusion Detection Within Security Operation Center Context
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Alejandro Manzanares

Time: 14:00
Student: Muhammad Junaid Farrukh
Title: Evaluation of Agile Threat Modeling Methods to Identify Threats to Privacy in Robotic Systems
Supervisor: Andrew Roberts
Reviewer: Shaymaa Khalil

Time: 14:40
Student: Raigo Vilur
Title: Evaluation of Secure Channel Communication for Cloud-Based Autonomous Vehicle Telematics
Supervisor: Andrew Roberts, Nikita Snetkov
Reviewer: Olaf Maennel

Defence of master theses of Cyber Security curriculum on August 11th 2021 online

Time: 12:00 (closed defence)
Student: Wellington Oscar Alves De Souza
Title: Cybercrime knowledge of identity theft investigators in Estonian FinTech
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez, Sten Mäses
Reviewer: Toomas Vaks

Time: 12:40
Student: Abhisek Ojha
Title: Cybersecurity Awareness among Engineering students of West Bengal , India
Supervisor: Sten Mäses
Reviewer: Kaido Kikkas

Time: 13:40
Student: Alex Bindevald
Title: Cyber Security at schools – challenges, opportunities and needs for CTF-solution
Supervisor: Birgy Lorenz
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Time: 14:20
Student: Orkhan Rustamli
Title: Analysis of Cyber Security Awareness Level of Secondary High-school Students: The Case of Azerbaijan
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Defence of master theses of Cyber Security curriculum on August 12th 2021 online

Time: (withdrawn)
Student: Anupam Rakshit
Title: Pragmatic Comparison of Machine Learning Models to Detect The Type Of Attacks In An IoT Network Traffic
Supervisor: Pelle Jakovits
Reviewer: Alejandro Manzanares

Time: 10:00
Student: Vasile Tarlev
Title: Compatibility of the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation
Supervisor: Anna-Maria Osula, Andres Ojamaa, Vladimir Rogojin
Reviewer: Eneken Tikk

Time: 10:40
Student: Henry Ochieng’ Dola
Title: Cyber Threat Modeling of A Water Quality Monitoring System
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi, Jeffrey Andrew Tuhtan
Reviewer: Andrew Roberts

Time: 11:20
Student: Andris Männik
Title: Cyber Awareness Verification Using Phishing Assessments
Supervisor: Kaido Kikkas
Reviewer: Kaie Maennel

Time: 12:30
Student: Oluwatosin Soremekun
Title: Method for cyber threat modelling and validation of public transportation systems
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi, Andrew Roberts
Reviewer: Liivar Luts

Time: 13:10
Student: Tino Apostolovski
Title: Design of a system for secure communication between ATC and Drone Pilot
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel, Dariana Khisteva
Reviewer: Andrew Roberts, Nikita Snetkov

Time: 13:50
Student: Gulkhara Babayeva
Title: Domain Ontology for Cyber Defense Exercises
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel, Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

August 12, 2021 online:

Time: 09:00
Student: Olorunshe Temilola Esther (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Recognition of Phishing Attacks and its Impact: A Case Study
Supervisor: Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Abasi-Amefon Affia

Defence of Cyber Security Engineering Diploma Theses at TalTech IT College (January 2020)

January 22nd at 15-17, TalTech IT College, Raja 4C, Tallinn at room 217:

Chairman of the Defence Committee: Priidu Paomets
The Defence Committee: Mohammad Tariq Meeran, Kaido Kikkas, Aleksei Talisainen, Toomas Lepikult

  • Title: Countermeasures to Deepfakes
    Student: Gabriel Apeh Adoyi
  • Title: Implementing Authentication and Authorization in Dynamic Web Applications
    Student: Christian Cataldo
  • Title: Windows User Simulation for Scalable Cybersecurity Training Platform
    Student: Kustas Kurval

Grades (in random order): 5, 2, 1


Cyber Security Engineering bachelor’s theses defense in TalTech (June 2019)

Monday, June 3 at 9.00-15.00, room 217, curriculum Cyber Security Engineering
Chairman of the Defence Committee: Valdo Praust
The Defence Committee: Kaido Kikkas, Toomas Lepikult

• Steven Rugam, “Cyber Security Assessment for Panbaltic Information System”
• Mikus Teivens, “Detection of Web-based Malware in Linux Environment Using YARA”
• Farhan Nayeem Islam, “Testing and Comparing Android Based Penetration Testing Tools”
• Mark Parfeniuk, “Designing Effective Measures to Promote Secure Video Conferencing”
• Frank Korving, “Choosing and Implementing Continuous Integration: the Case of Certidude”
• Kirill Trunov, “Distributed Payment Automated Systems Risk Assessment and Management”
• Nika Ptskialadze, “Comparative Analysis of Open-source and Proprietary Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools”
• Peep Kuulme, “Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program at Hansab Group OÜ”
• Christopher James Vallintine Carr, “Analysing the Security of Internet Facing Industrial Control Systems – Estonian Refrigeration Companies”
• Andris Männik, “Functionality and Efficiency of Modern Protection Software”


Defence of Cyber Security Engineering Diploma Theses at TUT IT College

Tuesday, 5 June at 9.00-12.00, room 217, for the first time defence of diploma theses on English language based curriculum Cyber Security Engineering:

Chairman of the Defence Committee: Valdo Praust
The Defence Committee: Aleksei Talisainen, Kaido Kikkas, Toomas Lepikult

  • Title: Security Monitoring Solutions by the Example of Baltic Computer Systems AS
    Student: Mohanad Aly Hassan Ali Elsafty
  • Title: Extendable Botnet for IT College Lab
    Student: Etienne Iotefa Marie Barrier
  • Title: A Cyber Security Training Module for Healthcare Workers
    Student: Sheela Gowry Sumathi Raju
  • Title: Protecting Windows Privileged Accounts
    Student: Lộc Phan Văn

Grades (in random order): 5, 5, 4, 2


Cyber Security master’s theses defense in Tallinn University of Technology (January 2017)

Monday, January 9, 2016, Akadeemia Tee 15a, Room ICT-315.
Defense committee: Rain Ottis (chairman), Hayretdin Bahsi, Raimundas Matulevicius, Andro Kull.
The grades received (in random order): 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2.

Time: 10:00
Student: Christian Ponti
Title: Use of ICMPv6 in a Scenario-based Experiment for Computer Network Exfiltration and Infiltration Operations
Supervisor: Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Olaf Manuel Maennel

Time: 10:40
Student: Terézia Mézešová
Title: Attack Path Difficulty – An Attack Graph-based Security Metric
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Aleksandr Lenin

Time: 11:20
Student: Jens Getreu
Title: Forensic-Tool Development with Rust
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Break – 12:00

Student: Chengxiang Wang
Title: Classification of Black-Box Security Reductions and Oracle Separation Techniques

Time: 13:00
Student: Dineta Mahno
Title: Design of Cyber Security Awareness Program for the First Year Non-IT Students
Supervisor: Truls Ringkjob
Reviewer: Kaido Kikkas

Time: 13:40
Student: Gvantsa Grigolia
Title: Evaluation of Data Ownership Solutions in Remote Storage
Supervisor: Ahto Buldas
Reviewer: Jaan Priisalu

Time: 14:20
Student: Kasper Prei
Title: Measuring Personnel Cyber Security Awareness Level Through Phishing Assessment
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Sten Mäses