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Cybersecurity related bachelor’s and master’s theses in University of Tartu 2022 (June)

The defences are taking place on the first and second week of June.

May 31 (online):

Time: 09:15
Student: Xuejun Wu (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Security in Remote Update of Medical Devices
Supervisor: Tuomas Aura, Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Denizalp Kapisiz

May 31 (online):

Time: 13:00
Student: Kert Tali (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Parallel and Cloud-Native Secure MultiParty Computation
Supervisor: Riivo Talviste, Pelle Jakovits
Reviewer: Eero Vainikko

Time: 13:45
Student: Karl Hannes Veskus (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Privacy-preserving data synthesis using trusted execution environments
Supervisor: Liina Kamm, Sven Laur
Reviewer: Arnis Parsovs

June 3 (online):

Time: 11:45
Student: Geitrud Pank (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Lab Package: Mobile application security testing
Supervisor: Dietmar Pfahl, Hina Anwar
Reviewer: Alejandra Duque-Torres

June 3 (online):

Time: 10:30
Student: Olivier Levasseur (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Model-Driven Engineering of Blockchain Oracles
Supervisor: Mubashar Iqbal, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Vimal Kumar Dwivedi

Time: 11:15
Student: Ekaterina Zhuchko (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Formal Analysis of Non-Malleability for Commitment Schemes in EasyCrypt
Supervisor: Denis Firsov, Sven Laur
Reviewer: Peeter Laud

Time: 12:00
Student: Sanam Nisar (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Defining Blockchain-Based Techniques for Privacy Conflict-Resolution in CrossOrganizational Processes for E-Health Systems
Supervisor: Aleksandr Kormiltsyn, Alex Norta, Vimal Dwivedi

Time: 12:45
Student: Anel Abylkassymova (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Machine Learning Method For Detecting Botnet Attacks Originated From The Iot Networks
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi, Sven Nõmm, Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 13:30
Student: Gediminas Milašius (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Integration Analysis of Various eID Authentication Solutions Used in the Private Sector of Estonia
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Kristjan Krips

Time: 14:15
Student: Elizabete Liene Šterna (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Security Architecture of the Latvian eParaksts mobile
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Inguss Treiguts

June 7:

Time: 12:15
Student: Anna Shamritskaya (Innovation and Technology Management MSc)
Title: Information security assessment in a startup
Supervisor: Mari Seeba, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Juliia Trabskaja

Time: 9:15
Student: Anita Sarv (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Implementation of multifactor authentication in Bank of Estonia
Supervisor: Toomas Krips
Reviewer: Jürmo Mehine

Time: 10:45
Student: Mark Robin Kalder (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Bug bounty programs and ethical hacking
Supervisor: Alo Peets, Margus Niitsoo
Reviewer: Anne Villems

Time: 12:00
Student: Allan Alikas (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Privacy preserving anonymization software
Supervisor: Sulev Reisberg
Reviewer: Liina Kamm

June 8:

Time: 10:00
Student: Semjon Kravtšenko (Computer Science BSc)
Title: The Estonian Mobile-ID implementation on the SIM card
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Jürgen Niinre

June 9:

Time: 13:00
Student: Kristjan Pühvel (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Password cracking and hashing functions on the example of UT accounts
Supervisor: Alo Peets
Reviewer: Kristjan Krips

June 10:

Time: 14:30
Student: Kalmer Keerup (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Implementation of an user access control respecting file server
Supervisor: Tarmo Oja, Heili Orav
Reviewer: Mart Oruaas


Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech (May 2022)

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 30th 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Marek Koppelmann
Title: Estonian Defence League’s Cyber Defence Unit Enhancing Vital Service Providers’ Cyber Security (closed)
Supervisor: Rain Ottis
Reviewer: Andrew J. Roberts

Time: 11:00
Student: Frank Korving
Title: DACA:Automated Attack Scenarios and Dataset Generation
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Andrew J. Roberts

Time: 11:40
Student: Jürgen Erm
Title: Hybrid Analysis of Vulnerability Management Practices in Organizations to Outline Success Factors
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Time: 13:00
Student: Kristjan Kaunis
Title: Hypervisoor Agnostic Scenario Definition Language for Cyber Ranges
Supervisor: Dr Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Olaf Maennel

Time: 13:40
Student: Rait Leinus
Title: Cryptocurrency as a Replacement for Traditional Online Payment Methods
Supervisor: Dr Alexander Norta
Reviewer: Raimundas Matulevicius

Time: 14:20
Student: Tomoya Tanaka
Title: Development of IDS/IPS Specifically Designed for ETSI ITS-G5-Based V2X Communication
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 15:00
Student: Michailas Ornovskis
Title: Secure Software Development Lifecycle Reference Meta-Architecture
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Tiia Sõmer

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 31th 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Mario Širic
Title: Feasible Route Mapping
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 10:40
Student: Marje Salumets
Title: Threat Modeling of the Blockchain Protocol: Preserving Data Trust, Privacy and Security in Physical Supply Chains
Supervisor: Dr Kaido Kikkas
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 11:20
Student: Holger Rünkaru
Title: Method for Defending Against Living Off the Land Attacks with Built-In Features of Windows
Supervisor: Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Alejandro G. Manzanares

Time: 12:40
Student: Dominika Helena Jantas
Title: Strategic Considerations to Counter the Cyber Threat of Malicious Deepfakes in Greek Society
Supervisor: Adrian Venables
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Time: 13:20
Student: Triin Viitmaa
Title: Forensic Analysis for Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 11
Supervisor: Shaymaa Khalil
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 14:00
Student: Orkhan Gasimov
Title: Compare and Contrast Analysis of Log Parsin Algorythms: Perspective of Efficiency and Pattern Detection Rate
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 14:40
Student: Pasquale Polverino
Title: NetFlow Anomalies Detector Using Prophet Forecasting Model
Supervisor: Kieren Nicolas Lovell
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on June 2nd 2022 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Marieke Jahn
Title: Forensic data Acquisition Software Development Framework for Integrated Smart Home Ecosystems
Supervisor: Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 10:40
Student: Fahad Alamgir
Title: A Risk Based Decision Approach for Handling Digital Device at a Crime Scene
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Pavel Tšikul

Time: 11:20
Student: Roman Šumaylov
Title: Evaluation of Resource-Constrained Transfer Learning Approaches for IoT BotNet Detection
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Sven Nõmm

Time: 12:40
Student: Georgios Kontis
Title: Technical and Organizational Challenges on Enhancing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Kave Salamantian

Time: 13:20
Student: Seyed Mohammad Hadi Mirsadeghi
Title: Deep Learning-Based Detection of DDoS Attacks in Software-Defined Networks
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Sadok Ben Yahia

Time: 14:00
Student: Roberta Murniece
Title: Can We Trust the Google Maps Timeline?
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell
Reviewer: Shaymaa Khalil

Time: 14:40
Student: Olga Šenberg
Title: The Role of Individual and Organizational Factors on the Employees’ Information Security Awareness and Vulnerability Management Efficiency
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Stefan Sütterlin