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Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech (May 2021)

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 27th 2021 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Tarvo Arikas
Title: Streaming event correlation and complex event processing using open-source solutions
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Mauno Pihelgas

Time: 10:40
Student: Janno Arnek
Title: Improving cybersecurity level of Estonian small and medium sized enterprises through coordination with national level
Supervisor: Sille Laks
Reviewer: Anna-Maria Osula

Time: 11:50
Student: Tedel Baca
Title: Critical infrastructure protection in the Republic of Kosovo: A policy-analysis on the protection of electric-energy and water-supply sectors
Supervisor: Mika Kerttunen, Kristine Hovhannisyan
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Time: 12:30
Student: Risto Kasepuu
Title: Designing an artifact to support cybersecurity policy development in small and medium enterprises
Supervisor: Mika Kerttunen, Andro Kull
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Time: 13:20
Student: Dariana Khisteva
Title: A proposal of integrating open-source IDS into vessel’s bridge network
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel, Gabor Visky
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 14:00
Student: Stanislav Mekinulashvili
Title: Sniffing encrypted BLE traffic after changing connection parameters, using low-cost hardware that captures only one channel at a time
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 14:40
Student: Yazeed Basim Aeadah Alhaddad
Title: Ghost Injection Attack on Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Equipped Drones Impact on Human Behavior
Supervisor: Erwin Orye
Reviewer: Jaan Priisalu

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 28th 2021 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Juan Manuel Delgado Garcia
Title: Forensic Analysis of Privacy-Oriented Cryptocurrency Wallets
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Pavel Tsikul

Time: 10:40
Student: Faisal Sumaila
Title: Extraction and Analysis of Forensic Artifacts from Automotive Maintenance Applications
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 11:50
Student: Yoshihisa Furushita
Title: Sources of artifacts in video
Supervisor: Matthew Sorell, Pavel Tšikul
Reviewer: Richard Matthews

Time: 12:30
Student: Kärte Pärend
Title: Forensic Traces of Messaging Applications on Android and iOS Mobile Phones
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Priit Lahesoo
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 13:20
Student: Karoliina Koppel
Title: Securing Software Supply-Chain Using OWASP Application Security Verification Standard: A SimplBooks Case Study
Supervisor: Toomas Lepik
Reviewer: Andrew Roberts

Time: 14:00
Student: Rooya Karimnia
Title: Culturally-Sensitive Instructional Design Of A Cybersecurity Awareness Program For High School Students In Iran, Hormozgan
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel, Mahtab Shahin
Reviewer: Stefan Sütterlin

Cyber Security curriculum MSc theses defences on May 31th 2021 (online):

Time: 10:00
Student: Jelizaveta Vakarjuk
Title: Converting a post-quantum signature scheme to a two-party signature scheme
Supervisor: Ahto Buldas, Jan Willemson
Reviewer: Ahto Truu

Time: 10:40
Student: Esteban Josue Ramirez Rojas
Title: Preserving Information’s Integrity and Confidentiality with Blockchain in the Service Supply Chain
Supervisor: Jaan Priisalu, Alex Norta
Reviewer: Nikita Snetkov

Time: 11:50
Student: Ali Ghasempour
Title: HTTP based Network Intrusion Detection System by Using Machine Learning-Based Classifier
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi, Alejandro Manzanares
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 12:30
Student: Mauricio Antonio Duarte Lara
Title: Prototyping A Serious Game On Information Manipulation
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez, Adrian Venables
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Time: 13:20
Student: Madis Männik
Title: Smart meter threat detection based on log analysis
Supervisor: Gabor Visky
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 14:00
Student: Alex Bindevald
Title: Cyber security at schools – challenges, oppurtunities and needs for CTF-solution
Supervisor: Birgy Lorenz
Reviewer: Tiia Sõmer

Cyber Security master’s theses defense in University of Tartu (January 2017)

Cybersecurity theses defence on January 6, 2017 in Tartu J. Liivi 2-224 at 11.00 AM.
Defence Committee: Raimundas Matulevičius (chairman), Olaf Manuel Maennel, Vitaly Skachek, Meelis Roos, Hayretdin Bahsi.

Student: Christian Tschida
Title: The Way to the Specialist and Management Level of Cyber Hygiene Initiative
Abstract: The prototype, of the Cyber Hygiene e-learning course was implemented and tested in the Estonian Defence Forces in early 2016. This thesis builds up on this. It tries to clarify what data should be available to the specialists and what information should be reported to the management. Additional to many interviews with specialists and security experts, a questionnaire was created to raise coverage. The testing of the questionnaire was done at an international well known think tank.
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Andro Kull

Student: Mohit Kinger
Title: Enterprise Cloud Security Guidance and Strategies for Enterprises
Abstract: This thesis measures the myriad benefits of using cloud applications, and the effect of cloud computing on business performance. A nonexhaustive review of the existing literature revels that the security challenges faced by enterprises during cloud adoption and interoperability have to be addressed before the implementation of cloud computing. In this thesis, we provide a detailed overview of the key security issues in the realm of cloud computing and con-clude with the recommendations on the implementation of cloud security.
Supervisor: Andro Kull, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Alex Norta

Student: Priit Lahesoo
Title: The Electronic Evidence Examination Reporting System by the Example of West Prefecture
Abstract: This work will focus on practical issues like how to improve the speed of drawing up an electronic evidence examination protocol. The work was done basing on examination data results that collected in the West prefecture based on real work statistics and permission by the Police and Border Guard Board. As part of the work, the practical Microsoft Access application was developed by the author.
Supervisor: Truls Tuxen Ringkjob, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Student: Wael Mohamed Fathi Ahmed AbuSeada
Title: Alternative Approach to Automate Detection of DOM-XSS Vulnerabilities
Abstract: This thesis proposes an alternative methodology to detect DOM-XSS by building-up on the existing approach used by web scanners in detecting general XSS. The thesis proposes to add an extra scan layer which is an actual browser that would be resonsible for sending any request and render the recieved HTML response from webserver. To provide a proof of concept for this methodology, the thesis author created a web-based tool on that premises.
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Student: Vsevolod Djagilev
Title: Android Chat Application Forensic Process Improvement & XRY Support
Abstract: To solve a set of problems a forensic utility has been created, both manual & automated analysis of chat application data has been done. Main result in this work allows not only to perform a search, but to write a modules in Python, which can make search narrower and each of modules can understand particular format, if needed.
Supervisor: Toomas Lepik, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Emin Caliskan