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Cybersecurity related bachelor’s and master’s theses in University of Tartu 2017/2018

Cyber Security Msc thesis:

Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Hybrid Terrorist Attack on a Power Plant
Student: Avramenko Valeriia
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahşi, Raimundas Matulevičius

HoneyProxy Implementation in Cloud Environment with Docker HoneyFarm
Student: Ahmed Elazazy
Supervisor: Anton Vedeshin, Truls Tuxen Ringkjob, Raimundas Matulevicius

Testing the Security Awareness Using Open-Source Tools – Spear Phishing
Student: Karina Filipczak
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Raimundas Matulevičius

Assessing Generational Differences in Susceptibility to Social Engineering Attacks. A Comparison Between Millennial and Baby Boomer Generations
Student: Lejla Islami
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, PhD Raimundas Matulevicius, PhD

How to Conduct Email Phishing Experiments
Student: Kaspar Jüristo
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Olaf M. Maennel, Raimundas Matulevičius

Evaluation of Efficiency of Cybersecurity
Student: Mikko Luomala
Supervisor: Yannick Le Moullec, Jyri Paasonen, Meelis Roos

Fingerprinting a Organization Using Metadata of Public Documents
Student: Karl Mendelman
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Raimundas Matulevicius

Detecting Social Spamming on Facebook Platform
Student: Ghada Zakaria Mohamed
Supervisor: Innar Liiv , Raimundas Matulevičius

Forensic Data Properties of Digital Signature BDOC and ASiC-E Files on Classic Disk Drives
Student: Raul Nugis
Supervisor: Pavel Laptev, Raimundas Matulevičius

Online Cyber Security Exercise to Evaluate and Improve Individual Technical Specialists’ Cyber Incident Reporting Skills
Student: Andres Oras
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Margus Ernits, Raimundas Matulevicius

Ensuring the Integrity of Electronic Health Records
Student: Alvar Ristikivi
Supervisor: MSc Jaan Priisalu, PhD Raimundas Matulevičius

Related thesis from other curricula:

A Tool for Supporting Multi-Perspective System Development Through Security Risk Management
Student: Madis Kaasik
Supervisor: Raimundas Matulevičius
Master – Software Engineering

Post-Quantum Secure Time-Stamping
Student: Raul-Martin Rebane
Supervisor: Dominique Peer Ghislain Unruh
Master – Computer Science

Prediction Model for Tendencies in Cybersecurity
Student: Erik Räni
Supervisor: Justinas Janulevičius, Raimundas Matulevičius
Master – Software Engineering

Quantum-Secure Coin Toss Protocol Using Collapse-Binding Commitments
Student: Kristiine Saarmann
Supervisor: Dominique Unruh
Bachelor – Computer Science

Tool Support for Privacy-Enhanced Business Process Model and Notation
Student: Aivo Toots
Supervisor: Pille Pullonen, Luciano García-Bañuelos
Bachelor – Computer Science

Dangers of Phishing Based on a Tech-Company
Student: Lauri Välja
Supervisor: Kristjan Krips
Bachelor – Computer Science

Finding Java Security Vulnerabilities Using Static Analysis: Whence the Problem?
Student: Harald Astok
Supervisor: Vesal Vojdani
Bachelor – Computer Science


Computational Law & Blockchain Festival 2018

The first annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival (#clbfest2018) is a three-day global event bringing together coders, designers, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, and students to co-create the future of law, legal practice, and policy. In the spirit of decentralization, the Festival will be hosted at independent, self-organized nodes in cities around the world.


16 March 2018 @ Näituse 13a-201, Tartu


10:15-11:45 TRACK LEARN
Electronic signature and enforceability of electronic contracts in civil law countries
Presentor: attorney Liisi Jürgen, NJORD Law Firm, lecturer of the IT Law Master´s programme


12:00-13:30 TRACK LEARN
Digital identities, e-residency and e-wallets – identity and digital footprint
Presentors: attorney Anne Veerpalu and attorney Liisi Jürgen, NJORD Law Firm, lecturers of the IT Law Master´s programme

13:30-15:00 TIME FOR A BREAK
(no lunch is offered by Legal Hackers)

15:00-15:45 TRACK LEARN
Decentralization and innovation ecology – what type of ecology is needed for legaltech to accelerate it innovation? Introducing many technologies which in themselves are not going to revolutionize everything.
Presentor: Michael Gallagher


Visualisation of law: An Automated Legal Content Capture and Visualisation Method (Automaatne meetod õigusteabe hankimiseks ja visualiseerimiseks)
Presentor: Ermo Täks, PhD (Computer Science, TTÜ)

17:30- 18:15 SESSION 3: INTRO TO SMART CONTRACTS (pre-recorded)
Presentor: Dr. Martin Ploom, who has worked for the last years for Man Investments, Credit Suisse and UBS in In-house Consulting / Project Management roles. He is an MBA, Dipl. Inf., Ms. Ec. and finished CFA Level III in 2010. He has been a crypto currencies enthusiast since Autumn 2012.

17 March 2018 @ Näituse 13a- 201, Tartu


10:15-11:45 TRACK LEARN
Virtual currencies: legal and tax issues
Presentor: attorney Priit Lätt, PWC Legal, lecturer of the IT Law Master´s programme

11:45-13:00 TIME FOR A BREAK
(no lunch is offered by Legal Hackers)


24h Hackaton – participants are welcomed to either listen to the next LEARN TRACK SESSION 3 or go to a separate location to work with their team
Hackaton location: J. Liivi 2 – 111, Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu
Open from 1 pm on 17th March
Coffee break at 3 pm- 3.30 pm
Moderator: Stanislav Degtjarjov, Agrello.io

GLOBAL HACKATON registration available here:

LOCAL HACKATONS introduced at SESSION 2 and 1 pm on 17th March @ Näituse 13a, Tartu


SESSION 3: Blockchain Computing & Its Security Challenges

* Miao ZhiCheng, from decentral.ee, ex Skyper, ex. Twilion – “Blockchain computing vs. traditional computing – an overview”
* Dr. Marlon Dumas “Automating Business Processes With Smart Contracts”
* Agrello team : “Smart contracts technical standards”
* (recorded video) Dan Selman, from claus.io, “Accord Project – The Techno-Legal Standards”
* Risto Alas from Guardtime – “the DAO and the vulnerabilities discovered in Ethereum smart contracts”
* Taimo Peelo, “Ethereum Honeypots”
PANEL led by Miao ZhiCheng

16:15-16:45 TRACK LEARN
Tax issues at ICO and post-ICO
Presentor: attorney Elvira Tulvik, MAGNUSSON


Cyber Security master’s theses defense in Tallinn University of Technology (June 2016)


Monday, June 6th 2016, Akadeemia Tee 15a, Room ICT-315.

Defense committee: Rain Ottis (chairman), Hayretdin Bahsi, Ahto Buldas, Andro Kull, Risto Vaarandi, Raimundas Matulevicius.
The grades received (in random order): 4,4,4,3,3,3,3,3,2,1,0.

Time: 09:00
Student: Ferenc Szalai
Title: Does Cyber Security Exercise Information Sharing Work?
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Lauri Palkmets

Time: 09:40
Student: Taavi Sonets
Title: Improving User Simulation Team Workflow in the Context of Cyber Defense Exercise
Supervisor: Elar Lang, Rain Ottis
Reviewer: Priit Raspel

Time: 10:20
Student: Karl Kristjan Raik
Title: Improving Web Attack Campaign Overview in Cyber Defense Exercises
Supervisor: Elar Lang, Rain Ottis
Reviewer: Jaan Priisalu

Break 11:00 – 11:10

Time: 11:10
Student: Eve N Hunter
Title: A Comparative Analysis of Cybersecurity Guidelines and Standards for Nuclear Power Plants
Supervisor: Rain Ottis, Harry Kantola
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Time: 11:40
Student: Alvar Ristikivi
Title: Failover test measurements of load balanced infrastructure
Supervisor: Toomas Lepik
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Break 12:20 – 13:00

Time: 13:00
Student: Kristo Kapten
Title: Threat Modeling framework for Home Gaming Consoles
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Emin Caliskan

Time: 13:40
Student: Sho Yano
Title: Security Analysis on Healthcare IoT Project
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Andro Kull

Time: 14:20
Student: Juan Manuel Rodríguez López
Title: Security Risk Assessment To The Use Of Digital Charting In Colombia
Supervisor: Alexander Horst Norta
Reviewer: Olaf Manuel Maennel

Break 15:00 – 15:10

Time: 15:10
Student: Florian Gasteiger
Title: R3AD an architecture to include UAVs in National Airspace
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 15:50
Student: Nisham Kizhakkedathil
Title: A Study Into the Prospects of Implementing End-to-End Verifiability in Estonian I-Voting
Supervisor: Tanel Tammet, Vadims Žuravļovs
Reviewer: Arnis Paršovs

Time: 16:30
Student: Rando Kulla
Title: Migrating PDF signing to New KSI Format
Supervisor: Jaan Priisalu, Ahto Truu
Reviewer: Ahto Buldas

Tuesday, June 7th 2016, Akadeemia Tee 15a, Room ICT-315.

The grades received (in random order): 5,5,4,0,?,?,?,?,?,?,?

Time: 09:00
Student: Teet Laeks
Title: Raising the Awareness of Cyber Security Based on Estonian Defence Forces
Supervisor: Tiia Sõmer, Danel Apse
Reviewer: Andri Rebane

Time: 09:40
Student: Andres Sumin
Title: Evaluation method for cyber awareness course
Supervisor: Sten Mäses, Liina Randmann
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Time: 10:20
Student: Kevin Lwakatare
Title: Contributions of Understanding and Defending Against Social Engineering Attacks
Supervisor: Anton Vedeshin
Reviewer: Alexander Horst Norta

Break 11:00 – 11:10

Time: 11:10
Student: Alexandria Elaine Farár
Title: A Deceptive Methodology Towards Early Detection of Advanced Cyber Threats
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi, Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 11:40
Student: Onur Aydin Korkmaz
Title: Comprehensive Analysis of Cyber Attacks and Malware Using Low- and High-Interaction Honeypot
Supervisor: Truls Ringkjob
Reviewer: Mauno Pihelgas

Break 12:20 – 13:00

Time: 13:00
Student: Mina Gerges
Title: Log Monitoring and Event Correlation on Microsoft® Windows™ Using Simple Event Correlator
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Tiit Hallas

Time: 13:40
Student: Chen Zhuge
Title: C-Based Implementation of Logcluster, a Data Clustering and Pattern Mining Algorithm for Event Logs
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Innar Liiv

Time: 14:20
Student: Morteza Fakoorrad
Title: Application Layer of Software Defined Networking: pros and cons in terms of security
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Truls Ringkjob

Break 15:00 – 15:10

Time: 15:10
Student: Zaghum Wahab Awan
Title: A GUI Simulator For WSNs Based Protocols with Energy Harvesting and Proposed Hash Based Mathematical Modelling for the Security
Supervisor: Truls Ringkjob
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 15:50
Student: Jaan Vahtre
Title: Detection of ransomware on Windows operating systems
Supervisor: Jaan Priisalu
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 16:30
Student: Vjatšeslav Panov
Title: Implementation of a Hash Function for Portable Executable Based on Structural Information
Supervisor: Truls Ringkob
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Wednesday, June 8th 2016, Akadeemia Tee 15a, Room ICT-315.

Defense committee: Raimundas Matulevicius (chairman), Hayretdin Bahsi, Rain Ottis, Meelis Roos, Vitaly Skachek.

Time: 09:00
Student: Luis Carlos Herrera Velasquez
Title: A Comprehensive Instrument for Identifying Critical Information Infrastructure Services
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 09:40
Student: Camilo Andres Pantoja Viveros
Title: Analysis of the Cyber Attacks against ADS-B Perspective of Aviation Experts
Abstract: The present paper has a profound literature review of the relation between cyber security, aviation and the vulnerabilities prone by the increasing use of information systems in aviation realm.
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Time: 10:20
Student: Santiago Andres Sarmiento Bernal
Title: Detection solution analysis for simplistic spoofing attacks in commercial mini and micro UAVs
Abstract: This work analysis several spoofing detection methods found in the open literature, and selects the ones which can be suitable for mini and micro UAV technical specifications and operational scenario, for proposing a GPS spoofing detection solution developed in the application layer of an open source code Ground Control Station software SDK.
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel, Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Juhan-Peep Ernits

Break 11:00 – 11:10

Time: 11:10
Student: Allyson Ivy Hauptman
Title: Designing Digital Forensics Challenges for Multinational Cyber Defense Exercises
Supervisor: Patrycjusz Zdzichowski, Rain Ottis
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 11:50
Student: Luis Alejandro Velasquez Hurtado
Title: Colombia and the intelligence cycle in the 21st century, the digital age
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Break 12:30 – 13:20

Time: 13:20
Student: Didier Dubey Suarez Medina
Title: Assessment of Web-based Information Security Awareness Courses
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Time: 14:00
Student: Yuri Andrea Pinto Rojas
Title: Development of National Cyber Security Strategies (NCSSs), and an Application of Perspective to the Colombian Case
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Break 14:40 – 14:50

Time: 14:50
Student: Alex Uriel Duran Santos
Title: Organizational Interaction Mechanisms Affecting Strategic Decision-Making During Cybercrime Investigations
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez
Reviewer: Jaan Priisalu

Time: 15:30
Student: Carlos Arturo Martinez Forero
Title: Tabletop Exercise For Cybersecurity Educational Training; Theoretical Grounding And Development
Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to suggest the improvement of potential and perceived weaknesses on the educational components of cyber security strategies, discussing awareness-training models with significant impact on the participants, focusing on strategic decision-making level personnel that could partake of cyber related incidents.
Supervisor: Maria Claudia Solarte Vasquez, Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Uko Valtenberg, Tarmo Tuisk