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Cybersecurity related bachelor’s and master’s theses in University of Tartu 2024 (June)

June 4 room 2045:

Time: 11:45
Student: Uuna Saarela (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Practical Zero-Knowledge within the European Digital Identity Framework: Implementing Privacy-Preserving Identity Checks
Supervisor: Peeter Laud, Chris Brzuska
Reviewer: Härmel Nestra

Time: 13:15
Student: Andres Jõgi (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Quantitative Analysis on Vulnerability to Electronic Business Identity Theft Among Estonian Companies
Supervisor: Mari Seeba, Tarmo Oja, Markko Merzin
Reviewer: Danielle Melissa Morgan

Time: 14:00
Student: Edgar Miadzieles (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Digital Twin and Blockchain-Driven Firmware Updates for the Internet of Vehicles
Supervisor: Mubashar Iqbal
Reviewer: Mariia Bakhtina

Time: 14:45
Student: Alar Paas (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Testing Wireless Security Alarm Systems from the Estonian Market
Supervisor: Danielle Melissa Morgan
Reviewer: Jürgen Laks

June 5 room 2034:

Time: 14:00
Student: Ojus Virendra Tudavekar (Software Engineering MSc)
Title: Blockchain and Digital Twin-based Approach for Securing Water Supply Infrastructure
Supervisor: Mubashar Iqbal
Reviewer: Abasi-amefon Obot Affia

June 6 room 2045:

Time: 10:15
Student: Kerli Markus (Conversion Master in IT MSc)
Title: Awareness of Phishing Attacks: A Case Study of Balt-Hellin OÜ Employees
Supervisor: Kristjan Krips
Reviewer: Alo Peets

Time: 11:45
Student: Kadri Koit (Conversion Master in IT MSc)
Title: Describing the Requirements of the Estonian Information Security Standard (E-ITS) in Public Procurements
Supervisor: Kristjan Krips
Reviewer: Mari Seeba

Time: 14:45
Student: Beata Sillat (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Automated Grading and Grade Uploading in Moodle Environment: A “Computer Security” Case Study
Supervisor: Alo Peets
Reviewer: Eero Vainikko

June 7 room 2034:

Time: 14:45
Student: Diana Šramova (Computer Science BSc)
Title: A Survey of Machine Learning Methods and their Applicability for Security Analysis
Supervisor: Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Faiz Ali Shah

June 7 room 2045:

Time: 13:45
Student: Ilona Peedosk (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Comparative Analysis of the European Union Digital Operational Resilience Act Based on Information Security Standard ISO/IEC 27001
Supervisor: Sander Saveli, Heili Orav
Reviewer: Linda Rosenkron

June 10 room 2045:

Time: 9:15
Student: Nataliia Pabat (Innovation & Technology Management MA)
Title: Security Risk Management in Teleoperated Driving
Supervisor: Raimundas Matulevičius, Abasi-amefon Obot Affia
Reviewer: Tambet Matiisen

Time: 10:00
Student: Ijeoma Faustina Ekeh (Innovation & Technology Management MA)
Title: A Recommendation Model for Security Risk Management in Car-Sharing Scenarios
Supervisor: Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Mariia Baktina

Time: 10:45
Student: Herman Rull (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Towards Practical Privacy-preserving Data Analysis with Intel TDX-based Sharemind HI
Supervisor: Armin Daniel Kisand, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Tarmo Oja

Time: 13:00
Student: Sander Truu (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Tool-Supported Privacy Analysis of Smart Parking
Supervisor: Mariia Bakhtina, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Pille Pullonen Raudvere

June 11 room 2048:

Time: 13:15
Student: Anett Pärismaa (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Researching the Patterns of Estonian Language Passwords and Compiling a Password Dictionary
Supervisor: Alo Peets
Reviewer: Kristjan Krips

June 11 room 2010:

Time: 13:45
Student: Pirgit Pajoma (Conversion Master in IT MSc)
Title: The Use of Blockchain in Public e-services on the Example of Estonia
Supervisor: Jan Villemson, Kristjan Krips
Reviewer: Armin Daniel Kisand

June 12 room 2034:

Time: 10:15
Student: Erki Külaots (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Two-Party Multi-Point Function Secret Sharing
Supervisor: Toomas Krips
Reviewer: Sven Laur

June 13 room 2039:

Time: 13:00
Student: Uku Parts (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Assessing the Security of a Smart Lock
Supervisor: Danielle Melissa Morgan
Reviewer: Alo Peets

June 13 room 2045:

Time: 11:15
Student: Karl Mumme (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Surveillance System for Additional Security of Tactical Objects
Supervisor: Erkki Laaneoks
Reviewer: Andres Namm

June 14 room 2034:

Time: 13:30
Student: Risto Voor (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Third-party Libraries Security Tools Analysis and Improvements
Supervisor: Kristiina Rahkema
Reviewer: Maj-Annika Tammisto


Cybersecurity related bachelor’s and master’s theses in University of Tartu 2022 (June)

The defences are taking place on the first and second week of June.

May 31 (online):

Time: 09:15
Student: Xuejun Wu (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Security in Remote Update of Medical Devices
Supervisor: Tuomas Aura, Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Denizalp Kapisiz

May 31 (online):

Time: 13:00
Student: Kert Tali (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Parallel and Cloud-Native Secure MultiParty Computation
Supervisor: Riivo Talviste, Pelle Jakovits
Reviewer: Eero Vainikko

Time: 13:45
Student: Karl Hannes Veskus (Computer Science MSc)
Title: Privacy-preserving data synthesis using trusted execution environments
Supervisor: Liina Kamm, Sven Laur
Reviewer: Arnis Parsovs

June 3 (online):

Time: 11:45
Student: Geitrud Pank (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Lab Package: Mobile application security testing
Supervisor: Dietmar Pfahl, Hina Anwar
Reviewer: Alejandra Duque-Torres

June 3 (online):

Time: 10:30
Student: Olivier Levasseur (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Model-Driven Engineering of Blockchain Oracles
Supervisor: Mubashar Iqbal, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Vimal Kumar Dwivedi

Time: 11:15
Student: Ekaterina Zhuchko (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Formal Analysis of Non-Malleability for Commitment Schemes in EasyCrypt
Supervisor: Denis Firsov, Sven Laur
Reviewer: Peeter Laud

Time: 12:00
Student: Sanam Nisar (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Defining Blockchain-Based Techniques for Privacy Conflict-Resolution in CrossOrganizational Processes for E-Health Systems
Supervisor: Aleksandr Kormiltsyn, Alex Norta, Vimal Dwivedi

Time: 12:45
Student: Anel Abylkassymova (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Machine Learning Method For Detecting Botnet Attacks Originated From The Iot Networks
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi, Sven Nõmm, Raimundas Matulevicius
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Time: 13:30
Student: Gediminas Milašius (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Integration Analysis of Various eID Authentication Solutions Used in the Private Sector of Estonia
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Kristjan Krips

Time: 14:15
Student: Elizabete Liene Šterna (Cyber Security MSc)
Title: Security Architecture of the Latvian eParaksts mobile
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Inguss Treiguts

June 7:

Time: 12:15
Student: Anna Shamritskaya (Innovation and Technology Management MSc)
Title: Information security assessment in a startup
Supervisor: Mari Seeba, Raimundas Matulevičius
Reviewer: Juliia Trabskaja

Time: 9:15
Student: Anita Sarv (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Implementation of multifactor authentication in Bank of Estonia
Supervisor: Toomas Krips
Reviewer: Jürmo Mehine

Time: 10:45
Student: Mark Robin Kalder (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Bug bounty programs and ethical hacking
Supervisor: Alo Peets, Margus Niitsoo
Reviewer: Anne Villems

Time: 12:00
Student: Allan Alikas (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Privacy preserving anonymization software
Supervisor: Sulev Reisberg
Reviewer: Liina Kamm

June 8:

Time: 10:00
Student: Semjon Kravtšenko (Computer Science BSc)
Title: The Estonian Mobile-ID implementation on the SIM card
Supervisor: Arnis Paršovs
Reviewer: Jürgen Niinre

June 9:

Time: 13:00
Student: Kristjan Pühvel (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Password cracking and hashing functions on the example of UT accounts
Supervisor: Alo Peets
Reviewer: Kristjan Krips

June 10:

Time: 14:30
Student: Kalmer Keerup (Computer Science BSc)
Title: Implementation of an user access control respecting file server
Supervisor: Tarmo Oja, Heili Orav
Reviewer: Mart Oruaas