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Cyber Security master’s theses defense in TalTech (January 2021)

Cybersecurity curriculum MSc theses defences on January 11th 2021 (online):

Time: 9:30
Student: Electra Zoe Karamargin
Title: Going dark: a Forensic Analysis of Biometric Asset Management within Smart Eyewear, toward the Rising Conflict Between Security Through Privacy by Design and Forensic Investigation
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Matthew Sorell

Time: 10:10
Student: Siim Sarv
Title: Using Event Correlation to Detect Security Incidents from Windows Workstations
Supervisor: Risto Vaarandi
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 10:50
Student: Alvaro-Wim Schuller Fernandez
Title: Developing a Scada Testbed from a Design Science Approach
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Andrew Roberts

Time: 12:00
Student: Jaanus Kääp
Title: Hyper-V VMBus Based Traffic Interception and Fuzzing
Supervisor: Sille Laks
Reviewer: Bernhards Blumbergs

Time: 12:40
Student: Kapil Yadav
Title: Information Security Management for Teleworking in Small and Medium Enterprises during the COVID-19 Crisis
Supervisor: Kaie Maennel
Reviewer: Adrian Venables

Time: 13:20
Student: Ivo Malve
Title: Dark Triad in Central Route to Persuasion: a Personality-based Phishing Susceptibility Study
Supervisor: Kieren Lovell
Reviewer: Stefan Sütterlin

Time: 14:15
Student: Anastasiya Kornitska
Title: Exploring How to Establish Cross-functional Teams for Cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Rain Ottis

Time: 14:55
Student: Arefeh Fathollahi Kalkhoran
Title: A Systematic Process to Improve Data Loss Prevention in a Large Organization
Supervisor: Hayretdin Bahsi
Reviewer: Tiia Sõmer

Time: 15:35 (withdrawn)
Student: Furkan Atlas
Title: A Comparative Study: Evaluating the Efficiency of Looking Glasses in Helping Monitor BGP Attacks
Supervisor: Olaf Maennel
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik