Estonian Internal Security Service (KaPo) Yearbook 2014


In its work to provide cyber security, the Internal Security Service focuses on cyber threats and attacks initiated by a foreign state or those that can threaten national security. Cyber intelligence operations of foreign states directed at Estonia are persistent, streamlined and techno logically advanced. This type of cyber threat is internationally known as APT – advanced persistent threat.

The cyber security section of the report is mostly a compilation of best practices on how to protect information. This seem to be very much EISA’s field of work. The new bits of information are names of malware seen in the attacks:

In 2014, there were repeated attempts by foreign states to penetrate the computer networks of Estonian government departments and access the information therein. Such attack campaigns as CosmicDuke and Ke3Chang can be mentioned as particular examples of malware that found their targets in Estonia in 2014.


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