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e-Governance Academy planning to create a strategic cybersecurity index


For 2015, the academy has other exciting work underway. As part of a joint project with the Estonian Foreign Ministry, Finland’s Aalto University, and Norway’s Info and Cybersecurity Institute, the academy is planning to create a strategic index to measure cybersecurity performance in different countries.

According to the academy’s cybersecurity program director Raul Rikk, the index should give entrepreneurs, planners, scientists, and other interested parties information about the levels of cybersecurity of a certain state or the levels in specific areas of online security. The specific focus is going to be defined in the first half of 2015 and the pilot project will be tested in a few countries first. If the trial is successful, the index could go global.

“The index would be beneficial with services like e-residency. If Estonia or some other country wanted to provide its e-services outside of its own country to a large number of people, the question – are the e-services of this country secure and reliable? – arises. Can the user be sure that the state is giving enough attention to the protection of its cyberspace?” Rikk said.

It seems that there already exists Global Cybersecurity Index.