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Cyber Security master’s theses defense in Tallinn University of Technology (January 2016)


Monday, 18 January 2016, Akadeemia Tee 15a, Room ICT-411:

Time: 10:15
Student: Ennio Calderoni
Title: DNS Security: Analysis of Alternatives and an Android DNSSEC-Aware Browser
Supervisor: Truls Tuxen Ringkjob
Reviewer: Toomas Lepik

Time: 10:55
Student: Kadri Tahsildoost
Title: Usable Security of Two Factor Authentication Methods
Supervisor: Jaan Priisalu
Reviewer: Maria Claudia Solarte-Vasquez

Break 11:35 – 11:45

Time: 11:45
Student: Nisham Kizhakkedathil
Title: An Empirical Analysis of Current Estonian i-voting Model: Challenges and Prospects
Supervisor: Tanel Tammet
Reviewer: Jaan Priisalu

Time: 12:25
Student: Panagiotis Marzelas
Title: A Social Media Honeypot Method to Detect Spear Phishing
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Sten Mäses

Time: 13:05
Student: Seyedmorteza Zeinali
Title: Analysis of Security Information and Event Management
(SIEM) Evasion and Evasion Detection Methods
Supervisor: Bernhards Blumbergs
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Break 13:45 – 14:00

Time: 14:05
Student: Jesse De Boise Wojtkowiak II
Title: Addressing Insider Threat Vectors in an Information Society
Supervisor: Alexander Horst Norta,
Supervisor: Mauno Pihelgas
Reviewer: Hayretdin Bahsi

Time: 14:40
Student: Alvar Ristikivi
Title: Failover Test Measurements of Load Balanced Infrastructure
Supervisor: Olaf Manuel Maennel
Reviewer: Risto Vaarandi

Defense committee: Risto Vaarandi, Rain Ottis, Olaf Maennel, Raimundas Matulevicius, Hayretdin Bahsi.

The grades received (in random order): 4, 3, 3, 2, 1, 0, 0.