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Estonian teenager rewarded $1000 for finding UI spoofing vulnerability in Chrome

Jasper Rebane, a 16-year-old Estonian computer enthusiast, found vulnerability in the Chrome browser. Google has now fixed the security bug and has rewarded him with $1000.

A security vulnerability found by Rebane was corrected in Chrome version 67.0.3396.62 where the changelog just states that he found an error CVE-2018-6135: UI spoofing in Blink. However, Rebane still can not share more precise details about the security error. In his response to Geenius, he said that in the interests of security, it is not allowed to disclose this information so that malicious people could not attack Chrome’s non-upgraded versions.

Currently, the 16-year-old Rebane is haunting plans for the future. In the near future, he plans to participate in the KüberNaaskli competition, where the best will be sent to the European Cyber ​​Security Challenge to represent Estonia. “There is also a plan to learn about things and improve skills, and to take part in the team at many of the CTF’s (Capture the Flag) competitions,” he added. There is also a plan to move on to the YouTube platform where Rebane wants to create educational cyber-security videos.