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BSc thesis: Denial of Service Attacks and Defense Solutions


Student: Erki Vaino
Supervisor: Meelis Roos
Reviewer: Ljubov Feklistova

Over time denial of service attacks have become more sophisticated and a popular method amongst attackers. This document will provide overview of different attacks and defense solutions against them. Although there are many great resources about the subject in English, there are very few of them in Estonian. Firstly there is a general overview of the attacks how they can be classified. Then descriptions of how different attacks work and which vulnerabilities or mechanics they use to stop the victim for providing service. In the last part there are descriptions how these attacks can be stopped or mitigated and also which products and solutions companies currently provide on the market at the moment. Each product is described briefly and info given how it helps to protect the network.

The thesis also contains interviews with two Estonian IT infrastructure architects.