Security Software OÜ is looking for security operators

We are looking for a competent security operator to undertake the surveillance of our customers IT systems, networks, servers, and operate the security measures of our customers. You will be responsible for detecting any suspicious network behavior and reacting accordingly. The ideal candidate will inspire respect and authority as well as possess a high level of observation.

• Patrol system logs for threats
• Respond to alarms by investigating and assessing the situation
• Remove hackers, trespassers, and policy violators from network
• Work with customer IT staff to secure all endpoints, network devices, servers, services, and IoT
• Provide assistance to customer IT staff
• Apprehend and detain perpetrators
• Submit periodic reports of surveillance activity and important occurrences

Soft skills & personality:
• Sharp mind, act fast
• Investigative mindset
• Tech-savvy
• Dealing with uncertainty

Technical knowledge (work experience or learning):
• Networks – good understanding of how computer networks work
• Windows – yes – people use Windows
• Linux – yes – people use Linux
• Scripting – comfortable working with PERL


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