SK introduced new eID solution Smart-ID

SK introduced its new electronic identity solution Smart-ID, which works on all the most popular smart devices, is not dependent on a SIM card and is usable all around the world.

Using Smart-ID is easy: the user downloads the Smart-ID app from the Google Play or App Store. To use Smart-ID, the user can be identified via ID-card or Mobile-ID. Just like with the ID-card and Mobile-ID, PIN1 and PIN2 codes are required to use Smart-ID. The user creates both in the app. In developing Smart-ID, a lot of emphasis has been placed on ease of use.

Basically, the Mobile-ID functionality has been implemented in mobile app. The private key sharing between the server and mobile device is pretty neat way how to achieve the same security level as in Mobile-ID, where private key is stored in SIM card.

However, we cannot expect Smart-ID to replace Mobile-ID anytime soon, since the solution have not been certified yet as a qualified electronic signature creation device.


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