Rain Ottis Decorated with the Order of the White Star


Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves Wednesday signed the decision to decorate 99 persons for services to Estonia on the eve of the country’s 98th Independence Day celebration.

«The decorations are a testimony to Estonian people and our supporters outside Estonia for their determination in their actions and loyalty to the principles on which modern Estonia stands — openness, democracy, knowledge, innovation,» Ilves wrote in the decision to award the decorations.


Our country is grateful to scientists whose research has helped to make Estonia greater. Decorations of the White Star are given to […] the founder of NATO CCDCOE and later the TUT Centre of Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, information technology scientist Rain Ottis.


The White Star decoration was awarded also to the information security expert Toomas Nurmoja, but the Internet does not have much information about his merits.




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